Making it easier to grow your law firm


This section covers succession, specialisation, mergers, selling a law firm, becoming a partner, and business structure

How to plan and execute the process of starting up a new legal practice that is compliant and financially healthy

How to set up your firm’s systems to provide the information that enables you to improve profitability and cashflow

How to avoid professional negligence claims, with examples of common problems and suggested solutions. Plus FAQs on PII

This section only covers SRA Accounts Rules and GDPR at the moment. Compliance for start-ups is covered in the Starting up...

How to protect your law firm from cyber attacks. What steps to take if your systems are hacked

How to recruit and retain a team that is both happy and highly effective, dealing with the HR issues along the way

In marketing, like anything, you need to get the basics right. Otherwise the time and money you invest in marketing will be wasted

How to win new clients, make the most of existing relationships, encourage referrals and generate new leads

How to approach creating a law firm website that works, from agreeing your objectives to making sure you get the results you want

Why lawyers need to know about social media, how to make the most of the opportunities and how to avoid potential pitfalls

How to use PR to build your firm’s reputation; and how to create cost-effective advertising – traditional and online – that delivers results

Content list

1. Strategy

Strategy – overview

Building the perfect legal business

Law firm succession planning

Developing a specialist practice

Selling your law firm FAQs

How to find the right merger partner

10 issues consider selling your practice

Becoming a partner in a law firm FAQs

Outsourcing by law firms

Choosing your law firm’s business structure

Setting up an ABS

Legal sector quarterly review: video archive


2. Starting up

Starting up – overview

Starting up a law firm – first steps

Start-up business planning

Start-up compliance

Start-up operations and systems

Start-up finance and insurance

Start-up sales and marketing


3. Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting – overview

Cash flow management for law firms

Dealing with lenders – a checklist

Bank finance for law firms FAQs

Security for borrowing FAQs

Law firm financing options

Funding for PI insurance and tax

Financing a law firm merger

Legal cashiering – an overview for partners and managers

Choosing a firm of accountants

Tax for law firms FAQs

Pensions in law firms FAQs

Common accounting issues for law firms

Management information (MI) tips for law firms

How to maximise utilisation and minimise lock-up

An easier audit process for law firms

Recovering legal costs successfully

How law firms use Third-Party Manager Accounts (TPMAs)


4. Avoiding claims. Insurance

Avoiding claims. Insurance – overview

Legal sector risk soundbites 2023 Q1

Professional indemnity insurance for law firms FAQs: Part one

Professional indemnity insurance for law firms FAQs: Part two

Avoiding negligence claims in wills, trusts and probate law

Avoiding negligence claims in residential conveyancing

Avoiding negligence claims in company and commercial law

Avoiding negligence claims in commercial litigation

Avoiding negligence claims in commercial property law

Remote working and operational risk

Legal sector risk soundbites: video archive


5. Compliance

Compliance – overview

SRA Accounts Rules compliance for law firms FAQs

Top six common breaches of the SRA Accounts Rules

GDPR for law firms


6. Cyber security

Cyber security – overview

Cyber security checklist for law firms

Anatomy of a law firm cyber attack

10 steps to cyber security for law firms

Cyber security for law firms FAQs

Cyber attack – lessons for law firms from a veteran

Cyber fraud – is your law firm prepared?


7. Managing people

Managing people – overview

How to retain and motivate key talent

Building your team and improving collaboration - checklist

Managing change - checklist

Managing employees who are working from home – checklist

Holding successful recruitment interviews – checklist

Induction of new lawyers and support staff – checklist

Communicating with your team – checklist

Identifying learning needs – checklist

Using personal development plans – checklist

Conducting a performance appraisal – checklist

Managing absenteeism – checklist

Delegating effectively – checklist

Holding effective meetings – checklist


8. Marketing basics

Marketing basics – overview

Your firm’s reputation is your brand

Who are your best clients? Segment your client base

What do your clients want most from your law firm?

Pricing for law firms

Pricing – a technology solution

Pricing checklist for law firms

Eight steps to pricing transformation


9. Winning more clients

Winning more clients – overview

Responding brilliantly to enquiries to your law firm

Staying in contact with referrers, clients and prospects

Networking for lawyers

Securing testimonials from clients – top tips

17 tips on writing content and finding your audience

Online networking from home – video


10. Your website

Your website – overview

What makes a good law firm website?

How to write a brief for a law firm website tender

How to choose a law firm website supplier

SEO for your law firm website

24 common mistakes on law firm websites


11. Social media

Social media – overview

How to use LinkedIn – for law firms

23 tips on getting engagement and traction on LinkedIn

How to use Facebook – for law firms

How to use X/Twitter – for law firms

How to use Instagram – for law firms


12. PR and advertising

PR and advertising – overview

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for law firms

Advertising for law firms

PR for law firms



18 law firm tasks that AI could transform

Which common Rules breaches lead to qualified Accountant's Reports?

Multifactor Authentication is a critical layer of cyber security

The Foonberg Gratitude Curve

Talent insights from another sector

Our competitors are lying - should we join them?

What is Open Banking and how can law firms benefit from it?

Tips for dealing with Blue Monday

Research reveals solutions mental health crisis legal sector

Is it worth being a partner in a law firm?

Is your top team performing?

Legal update: Winter checklist

Mergers increasingly based on net assets in absence of goodwill

Reflecting on the spring PII renewal season

How to build a client-centric law firm

Covid-19 and the legal sector

Survey confirms that the best retention tool is simple

Beware the bittersweet taste of low price

Navigating the PI insurance market – a broker’s perspective

What can lawyers learn from the British Airways GDPR fine?

The three most important words in a law firm

Older clients - how to market your firm to them

Why don't lawyers do what you ask them to do?

How to communicate with a 21st century audience