Making it easier to grow your law firm


This section covers succession, specialisation, mergers, selling a law firm, becoming a partner, and business structure

How to plan and execute the process of starting up a new legal practice that is compliant and financially healthy

How to set up your firm’s systems to provide the information that enables you to improve profitability and cashflow

How to avoid professional negligence claims, with examples of common problems and suggested solutions. Plus FAQs on PII

This section only covers SRA Accounts Rules and GDPR at the moment. Compliance for start-ups is covered in the Starting up...

How to protect your law firm from cyber attacks. What steps to take if your systems are hacked

How to recruit and retain a team that is both happy and highly effective, dealing with the HR issues along the way

In marketing, like anything, you need to get the basics right. Otherwise the time and money you invest in marketing will be wasted

How to win new clients, make the most of existing relationships, encourage referrals and generate new leads

How to approach creating a law firm website that works, from agreeing your objectives to making sure you get the results you want

Why lawyers need to know about social media, how to make the most of the opportunities and how to avoid potential pitfalls

How to use PR to build your firm’s reputation; and how to create cost-effective advertising – traditional and online – that delivers results

Cyber security - overview

Davis KesslerDavis Kessler, head of cyber at Travelers Europe, introduces the Cyber security section. (Updated 18 December 2023)



Law firms are a regular target for cyber attacks, because they hold sensitive client information and handle large volumes of money.

So how can Law Firm Ambition help you?

If you only have time to read one quick thing, choose Jonathan Ashley's 21-point Cyber security checklist for law firms. Jonathan is the co-founder of etiCloud, a managed service provider that advises large numbers of law firms on cyber protection.

Otherwise, start with Chris Hannett's Anatomy of a law firm cyber attack, which gives us an illustration of what happens when a law firm is successfully attacked, told in the voice of an imaginary law firm’s managing partner. Chris is a director of the cyber risk management company Cymplify.

Then check out James Doswell's 10 steps to cyber security for law firms. If your firm does nothing else, at least follow these easy-to-do steps. James is a cyber risk consultant at Travelers.

Next, read Peter Wright's checklist Cyber attack – lessons for law firms from a veteran, which is a succinct playbook on how to prevent a cyber attack and what to do if your firm is the victim of a successful attack. Peter is managing director of Digital Law and author of the Law Society Cyber Security Toolkit.

Peter has also written a full set of 30 FAQs, covering the most important — and the most common — questions that he is asked when running seminars on cyber security for law firms.

Finally, there is an easy-to-read item that may be suitable for passing to colleagues who do not need to know so much detail. Cyber fraud – is your law firm prepared?, by Darren Cable of Lloyds Bank, shares useful knowledge that the bank has picked up.