Practical advice on growing your law firm, from Travelers and other expert suppliers to law firms. Watch this new site grow.

In marketing, like anything, you need to get the basics right. Otherwise the time and money you invest in marketing will be wasted

How to approach winning new clients, making the most of existing relationships, encouraging referrals and generating new leads

How to approach creating a law firm website that works, from agreeing your objectives to making sure you get the results you want

Why lawyers need to know about social media, how to make the most of the opportunities and how to avoid potential pitfalls

How to use PR to build your firm’s reputation; and how to create cost-effective advertising – traditional and online – that delivers results

How to protect your law firm from cyber attacks. What steps to take if your systems are hacked

How to set up your firm’s systems to provide the information that enables you to improve profitability and cashflow.

This is a new section and only covers GDPR at the moment. More articles will follow.

So far this section covers six key topics: succession, specialisation, mergers, selling a law firm, recruitment and talent retention, and business structure.

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Paul Hudson
Proposition development

Before Travelers, Paul steadily worked his way up the ranks of marketing via an array of different industries: power, telecoms, financial products, insurance, banking, publishing, and then insurance again.

This breadth of work, including a two year stint as a global marketing consultant, has given him a formidable set of knowledge and experience.

What it has not done is dent his infectious enthusiasm.

Paul is evangelical about the breakthroughs that good marketing can achieve. He is also a proud advocate of insurance, because it provides support when you need it most.

This website for law firms has been championed by Paul from the start. He could see the scope to provide a set of outstanding resources to help law firms grow and prosper in these difficult times. He also realised the importance of involving the best experts from the word go.

See the Travelers website for topical articles on issues affecting law firms.

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