Making it easier to grow your law firm


This section covers succession, specialisation, mergers, selling a law firm, becoming a partner, and business structure

How to plan and execute the process of starting up a new legal practice that is compliant and financially healthy

How to set up your firm’s systems to provide the information that enables you to improve profitability and cashflow

How to avoid professional negligence claims, with examples of common problems and suggested solutions. Plus FAQs on PII

This section only covers SRA Accounts Rules and GDPR at the moment. Compliance for start-ups is covered in the Starting up...

How to protect your law firm from cyber attacks. What steps to take if your systems are hacked

How to recruit and retain a team that is both happy and highly effective, dealing with the HR issues along the way

In marketing, like anything, you need to get the basics right. Otherwise the time and money you invest in marketing will be wasted

How to win new clients, make the most of existing relationships, encourage referrals and generate new leads

How to approach creating a law firm website that works, from agreeing your objectives to making sure you get the results you want

Why lawyers need to know about social media, how to make the most of the opportunities and how to avoid potential pitfalls

How to use PR to build your firm’s reputation; and how to create cost-effective advertising – traditional and online – that delivers results

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Rory MccGwire
Chief executive
01929 424646

The LawFirmAmbition website was Rory's idea. Having met the Travelers team when his company Atom Content Marketing was working on another project, he realised that the website concept fitted perfectly with what Travelers was aiming to achieve with law firms.

Rory has been doing marketing projects like this ever since founding Atom in 1991. The focus has always been on business advice for small businesses, including legal advice.

Atom is best known for its Donut websites, the largest small business advice resource in the UK, comprising: Start Up Donut, Marketing Donut, Law Donut, Tech Donut, and Money Donut. Firms and chambers already work with Atom on the content of Law Donut, and receive leads from the website's huge traffic.

Atom has spent the last 30 years mainly helping large organisations to help and support smaller businesses. Notably, Atom is a preferred global supplier to HSBC bank, a client of 20 years. And Atom did 50% of the business advice content on the massive Business Link website for all nine years of that contract; the other 50% was done by Thomson Reuters.

"If you help people to run their businesses, they will thank you and they will buy from you" has always been Rory's mantra. Back in 1991 most people were highly sceptical, saying "If it worked, marketing teams would already do it." Nowadays such 'content marketing' is mainstream marketing.

Rory started his career with a law degree and went into venture capital with 3i. He was then a stock market analyst in Tokyo before founding Atom.

Twitter: @RoryMccGwire
LinkedIn: Rory Mccgwire