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This section covers succession, specialisation, mergers, selling a law firm, recruitment and talent retention, becoming a partner, and business structure

How to set up your firm’s systems to provide the information that enables you to improve profitability and cashflow

How to avoid professional negligence claims, with examples of common problems and suggested solutions. Plus FAQs on PII

This is a new section and only covers SRA Accounts Rules and GDPR at the moment. More articles will follow

How to protect your law firm from cyber attacks. What steps to take if your systems are hacked

In marketing, like anything, you need to get the basics right. Otherwise the time and money you invest in marketing will be wasted

How to win new clients, make the most of existing relationships, encourage referrals and generate new leads

How to approach creating a law firm website that works, from agreeing your objectives to making sure you get the results you want

Why lawyers need to know about social media, how to make the most of the opportunities and how to avoid potential pitfalls

How to use PR to build your firm’s reputation; and how to create cost-effective advertising – traditional and online – that delivers results

September 2015

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Only one worker in 166 has ever read their employment contract and understood its contents, according to new research.

If we had a referendum on the EU right now, most small businesses owners would vote to stay in but it's a close result.

At least £80 billion in economic growth could be unlocked if the Government shifts widespread powers and funding to local areas, council leaders have said.

Nearly half of businesses founded in the UK in 2011 had failed by 2014 - and incompetence and bad management was to blame for 56% of these business failures.

Our round-up of other small business stories making the headlines this week...

Business costs have continued to rise during 2015, driven in part by increased staff costs, according to the latest research from the Forum of Private Business.

The UK's small-and-medium-sized enterprises are taking a global lead when it comes to embracing new software technology - and they are benefiting as a result.

Small business owners are facing "problems of success", such as staff shortages, but remain optimistic according to new research.

The value of claims for R&D tax relief has gone up by £380 million in the UK and much of the rise comes from the small business sector.

Our round-up of other small business stories making the headlines this week...

The number of people working excessive hours has risen by 15% since 2010, according to the TUC.

Thousands of people have taken to social media in the past year to complain about the time they have had to spend waiting to speak to someone at HMRC, the UK's tax authority.